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Classic checkers board game known as draughts.
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Checkers Description

Enjoy classic game of Checkers (draughts, damas, dama, dame or damka) for Android. Checkers is 8x8 board game and enables features:
* checkers game enables tracing game duration (time starts running immediately),
* checkers game has moves counter (double jump means double move),
* checkers game follows game statistics or game log, where you can see last 5 checker game matches.

Checkers are played on an 8 by 8 squared board with 12 checkers on each side. The checkers moves and capture diagonally. Checkers may only move forward until they reach the opposite end of the board when checkers become king-checkers or crowned-checkers. King checker may henceforth move and capture other checkers both backward and forward.

One player has dark and another red checkers. They take turns moving their checkers. Players move their checkers diagonally from one square to another square.
When a player jumps over their opponent's checker (the other player's) checker, the checker is removed from the board. The player's goal is to take all the checkers of its opponent.

King checkers - If a player's checker moves into the kings row on the opposing player's side of the board, that checker is said to be crowned (or often kinged), becoming a king checker.

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