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GetRanks mobile application is a learning management platform
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GetRanks Description

GetRanks mobile application is a learning management platform that enables students to take tests and practice questions to improve their performance for JEE and NEET entrance examinations.
The app helps students attempt Tests via a state-of-the-art online testing platform and receive detailed analysis which helps with question-by-question analysis to understand their weaknesses and helps them work on it to improve performance.

GetRanks provides 3 specific kinds of analysis:
1. Marks - Helps students understand their performance in subjects across marks, accuracy and attempt rates
2. Topics - Detailed topic-by-topic analysis to help students understand their weak areas
3. Behaviour - A question-by-question analysis of how the student attempted the paper and how to improve their test taking skills

GetRanks also provides a student the capability to compare her performance with other to enable them to improve their test taking capabilities.
GetRanks is armed with historical data that helps students understand the colleges they may get admissions to given their score and helps them set goals.

The platform also comes with a Practice capability where a student has access to thousands of questions across all topics what help them practice at their own pace and choice of syllabus.

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