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Duck Carnival Shoot

Duck Carnival Shoot

Shoot the ducks and earn points
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Duck Carnival Shoot Description

Duck Carnival Shoot
duck carnival
Shoot the ducks and earn points
Nice and fun game and you need a lot of concentration to win it
Game Features:-
The game design is wonderful and very beautiful
The game system is easy and smooth that anyone can deal with

The game begins with a group of ducks appearing on ropes and moving quickly, and you have to kill these ducks by clicking on them

There is a specific time for the game, so you have to focus well and play quickly to win more points
There are many types of ducks such as natural ducks, ducks that wear a firefighter's hat, ducks that wear police uniforms, ducks that wear a formal suit...etc. And you have to kill all these types by clicking on them.

In the game there are several types of aids such as the arrow that helps you increase your game time ... etc.

Never hit the bomb because that causes you to lose points

There is a type of duck when you press it, you get gold coins, so try to kill it

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