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Noob vs zombie: Shooting Game

Noob vs zombie: Shooting Game

Help the noob survive in the zombie apocalypse.
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Noob vs zombie: Shooting Game Description

Noob lived a calm, peaceful life and nothing foreshadowed trouble, but the times of calm were over, zombies began to break into his house. Help the noob survive in the zombie apocalypse and find your professional friend to find out together what happened.

Travel the world in different locations, collect coins, gold bars and diamonds to spend in the store for equipment, weapons and ammunition. Kill various mobs and zombies to earn more gold. Find rare chests in dungeons, jump on platforms in mines and fight bosses.

The game about noob and the pro is a classic pixel platformer with a storyline where you fight against zombies.

Game features:
-large store (pistols, machine guns, grenades, shotguns)
- 2D shooter with a developing storyline
-8 bit style (pixel art)
-survival game
-skins and different equipment
-trolling game
-many levels
-Lots of traps (saws, spikes, falling platforms)
- Jailbreak level and Hacker level

Fans of old platformers will appreciate the game at its true worth, because the game is made according to all the canons of 8 bit games.

For all questions and suggestions, write to the mail: [email protected]

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