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Roll No. 21 – Demon Slash

Roll No. 21 – Demon Slash

by Zapak in Arcade
Slash all the Demons. Help Kris foil Kanishk's evil plans and save the world.
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Roll No. 21 – Demon Slash Description

What if you're attending a school that's run by a demon principal? Well, if you're Kris, you use your mystical powers to stop any evil happenings.

Kanishk is the king of the demons of Paataal-Lok and has come back on earth to take over the world. But defeating Kris is not easy, so Kanishk keeps summoning various demons from Paataal-Lok to fight Kris. Follow Kris on an exciting and fascinating adventure in this RPG action game with casual gameplay and easy controls. Become the saviour of the world and win this battle against Kanishka's evil minions.

Play Roll No. 21 - Demon Slash, a new demon-slicing mobile game as Kris, and Swipe your screen to slash demons but don’t hit bombs. It doesn't get easier than that. Start your journey on the ultimate demon slash carnage campaign in the arcade game mode and experience the thrill of setting a new high score as you dodge bombs and score massive slash-combos. Make your game even more exciting by equipping special Boosters: Extra Lives - which gives you 2 extra lives; Bomb Immunity - which saves you from 3 bomb blasts; and Point Multiplier - which doubles your points from each slash.

You also have special Powers-ups like Slow Motion, Lightning Power and Diffuse Bomb at help to beat your friend's high scores. Slow Motion slows down the speed of the game on the screen for a limited time giving you have ample time to easily slash all the demons and avoid bombs. The Lightning Power lets you auto strike all the demons on the screen for a limited time. The Diffuse Bomb Power comes in handy as it allows you to slash all the demons without worrying about touching the bombs for a particular time period. You can purchase these Power-ups with coins that you collect by overcoming challenges throughout your journey.

The challenges in each battle keep getting tougher so stay prepared to put your slashing skills to the test. Use Power-ups and Boosters to defeat all enemies in this fun game. Keep earning awesome Reward Boxes for precious Coins and Gems. Use Gems to resume a challenge that you fail or purchase different Coin Packs. Coins can also be used to purchase extremely rewarding Mystery Boxes. Come back every day for Daily Rewards and take-up daily challenges to earn even more. Collect as many Power-Ups and Boosters to gain advantage and be ready to face the toughest of the levels.

- Slash through Kanishka's minions
- Lots of Challenging Levels
- Accomplish Daily Tasks
- Complete New Challenges
- Earn Coins and Gems
- Collect Power-Ups and Boosters
- Create High Score

So, if you’re looking for some fast, colourful arcade action, download Roll No. 21 - Demon Slash and get hooked on the awesomeness!

- The game is also optimized for tablet devices.

- This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.

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