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Ludo Funn

Ludo Funn

Ludo funn is an offline ludo board game.
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Ludo Funn Description

Ludo is the modern form of ancient Indian classic game Pachisi. It's a turn-based dice game that can be played between two or among three or four players. It is kind of strategic game wherein you have to reach all your pucks to goal square before your opponent's puck in order to win the game. There is a lot of fun you will get when you are able to dismiss the opponent's puck on your way to the goal square.

Ludo funn gives you the same pleasure and joy that you will get in any on-line versions of ludo games except that you won't be able to play it in online mode. You can play this game with your family members and friends in their leisure time. There is an option to play with the computer if you have no partner available to play with.

Some features of the Ludo Funn:

* cool graphics
* fully offline mode
* Play with computer
* Multiplayer game options

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