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할리갈리 배틀 2

할리갈리 배틀 2

Test your wits!
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할리갈리 배틀 2 Description

【Meet the Harigali game for free! 】

* Features of the game
1. Anyone can enjoy the game easily.
Simple rule!
2. A total of 62 different characters
3. A total of 49 different and interesting gloves
4. Online games and ranking support.

* How to play
When the game starts, 4 cards are clockwise.
It is automatically reversed.

Five of the cards of the same shape are spread out among the cards.
When you are done, just touch the screen.

If you hit the bell faster than your opponent,
The other party loses one heart.

If you remove all hearts from the other party for 30 seconds
To win.

But even though there weren’t five fruits,
If you accidentally press the bell, your heart
You lose.

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