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Ludo : Apna Ludo

Ludo : Apna Ludo

Apna Ludo is only 4.5 MB in size. Play this multiplayer board game with family.
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Ludo : Apna Ludo Description

Ludo is a multiplayer board game. It can be played by 2 ,3 or 4 players. This game has been played from ages.

Enjoy playing Ludo in your free time with your family and friends. With lucky dice rolls and strategic gameplay it would refresh your mind.

How to play Ludo?
The game is very straight forward. Each player gets 4 tokens. A token is opened when a player rolls 6 on the dice. The objective is to take all 4 tokens to the HOME. The player who does it first wins the game.

Rules of the Ludo game:
- Token opens only when a player rolls a 6 on the dice.
- Token moves clock-wise on the board according to the number rolled on the dice.
- All tokens must reach HOME (center area of the board) to win.
- If one player’s token lands on other player’s token then the other token is considered CUT and reaches back to the starting point.
- There are few cells which are coloured. If a token is on this cell then it cannot be CUT.
- If a player rolls a 6, extra change is given.
- If a player cuts opponents token, extra chance is given.
- If a player’s token reaches HOME, then also he gets an extra chance.

Ludo is played around the world and is know by different names.
Some people also spell “Ludo” as - Lodo, Ledo, Lido, Loodo, Loado, Ludu, Lodu.

Different names of Ludo:
- लूडो (India)
- Parchís or Parkase (Spain)
- Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux (France)
- Non t'arrabbiare (Italy)
- Fia med knuff (Sweden)
- Parqués (Colombia)
- Griniaris (Greece)
- six mi Ludo (Ghana)
- Fia (Sweden)

Whatever you call it we are sure you would definitely enjoy “Apna Ludo”. This game only takes 4.5 MB on space on your device. Please install it, play it and share your feedback with us.

We hope you would enjoy playing our game.

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