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Ludo Bluetooth

Ludo Bluetooth

dice roll board game
5,350 Installs

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Mr yadav
Mr yadav
Bad app..half screen ad...and bad UI
Posted 11 months ago
M Wazir
M Wazir
Muhammad asim
Posted 5 months ago

Ludo Bluetooth Description

Ludo is a dice roll board game originated from India.

For 1-4 players.


-get 6 with your dice to get to the starting square
-you may roll again if you throw six or put a puppet to the starting square
-there must be only one puppet on a square
-mostly throw, then choose a puppet
-you may kick the other players puppet if you get to the same square
-to win all of the puppets must reach the house

-you may switch the players to A.I. before starting a game.

-make sure that the bluetooth is enabled
-start a server from a device
-start the clients, pick the device from the paired list to join to a server.
-after the joining sound tap the screen

The game has no real ending implemented, it depends on the players when they want to finish the game.

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