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Super Ludo Gold

Super Ludo Gold

Super Ludo Gold is the online version of the most played board game
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Super Ludo Gold Description

About This Game

Super Ludo Gold is the online version of the most played board game - This game is immensely enjoyable and challenging
10 minutes format makes this game unique and adds super fun to play.
The goal here is to be the King of the Super Ludo and if you want to be the king, you have to exercise your Ludo knowledge, you have to strategize your gameplay, you have to take calculative decisions, you have to pay attention, and with experience and expertise, you can become the ultimate King of the Super Ludo Gold and then you will have a chance to be featured in the leader board.
As Ludo is purely a skill-based game, the final result totally depends on your skills.
Super Ludo Gold is managed by professional Team.

Our Features
Different type of Ludo variants cover
Super online matches: - Play online matches with random players 24*7 online matches
Play with friends online: - Create or Join a room and play with your friends and family members and be a winner.
Single and multi-winner options: - use the new multi winner options to make the game even more enjoyable
Here are the basic rules:
Ludo is played between 2 to 4 players and Tournament is played by registration and availability of seats for contest.
All the 4 tokens will be in open position for initial level.
Ludo game is played in given time period and it is based on score format.
Any number which dice shows, player can move token as per dice number and score start according.
Players turns will move clockwise.
There are safe places for all tokens irrespective of colour.
Player can decide which token to be move. A token simply moves in a clockwise direction around the track given. If no token can legally move according to the number shown on dice, within given time, dice will move to the next player.
If a player gets 3 time continuous six his /her third turn will be skipped.
If a token lands on a token of a different colour, the token jumped upon is returned to its starting circle position.
If a token lands upon a token of the same colour, this forms a block. This block cannot be passed or landed on by any opposing piece. Two tokens of a players at same box cannot be cut.
Player with highest score will be winner.
Score will be calculated as 1 box move is equal to 1 score (1 BOX MOVE =1 SCORE) And if any player kill opposite player token then opposite player score will be minus from his actual score and the token will be placed to his start position.
When someone token reach home then score for that token gets doubled.
Winners 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 4th position would be decided based on their respective score.
Player will get 15 seconds to move.
3 skips will put player out of game.
Each player will get equal number of moves in given game time.

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