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تعلم كتابة الرواية بدون نت

تعلم كتابة الرواية بدون نت

A full course in the ABCs of learning to write a novel and publish it within the application
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تعلم كتابة الرواية بدون نت Description

A full course in the ABCs of learning to write a novel and scenario and learn the most important secrets

Learn, share and communicate with everyone

I want to remain a professional and talented in writing novels and movie scenarios
Here is a comprehensive course in learning the art of writing novels at the hands of the most important book of the novel and the script
Learn the plot, metaphors, and the art of metaphor
And unexpected ends

Cinematic novel is a very easy way to combine the features of the modern novel with some techniques
Cinematography to write a strong novel as a symbol and a concept and its vital characters woven into an environment that is almost visible to the reader. This method also combines the suggestive influence of cinematic films with narrative narratives that are compatible with Arab culture and standards.
A movie novel is the best way to help you write an influential and different text if you:
- An amateur or professional novelist
You have a rich imagination and want to gain the ability to weave stories that suit your children of all ages.
- ‘If you are an educator and want to use a narrative method to facilitate the delivery of information to students, especially at a young age.
- If you have the talent for drawing and love to put your artwork in an interesting novel comics template.
- If you seek to market a specific product by writing ads in a simple and short narrative form.
The course contains a full explanation of the following:
Meaning of drama and story types.
The body of the novel and the movement of events.
- The nine steps to building the novel
The initial idea
The structure of the novel
Personality and conflict
Object and goal
Story World
Network symbols
- the plot
- The viewer

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