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Helper for Marvel Puzzle Quest

Helper for Marvel Puzzle Quest

Helper for Marvel Puzzle Quest in your pocket!
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Helper for Marvel Puzzle Quest Description

Character database. Characteristics and description of skills.
List of daily awards. The opportunity to see what rewards are waiting for you in the future!
Awards for level-up champions. Easy access to information that will help you know in advance what surprises the leveling of characters will bring!
Deadpool Daily Quest and Crash of the Titans schedule. Know in advance what character to prepare for battle!

Application is avaliable on English and Russian languages.


All characters, names, and other elements associated with Marvel Entertainment, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates are the sole and exclusive property of the aforementioned companies. Marvel Entertainment, LLC, does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by the developer of this app.

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