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掌阅 iReader

掌阅 iReader

Ten thousand free comic fantasy novels [- Urban - Love - Martial arts - Xian Xia - through - President - slash - colleagues]
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掌阅 iReader Description

■ pet warm sweet child, everything
■ abuse slag, rebirth, counter-attack, and diverse life experiences in the novel, Fiat allies and enemies!
■ overbearing, Xiemei, paranoia, there is always the One models belong to u
■ read the novel to find enthusiasts, Meng CP, reading, can also be a lot of fun
■ story linking the world, to expand the boundaries of brain-dong, which is the leading portal u fantasy world

※ heavy books TOP10 ※
■ super popular novels & comics:
"On the President", "refers to the dye married", "doctor entropy Girl", "One Night evil love", "One of the giants Sheng marriage"
"Guards division of the Holy Spirit", "Sansei III miles peach", "Noble price ex-wife," "burning innocent girl."
"Sand and Song of the Sea", "Weapon Master", "broken sky", "Douro mainland", "Nine Nine Yang true"

Why palm reading iReader?
■ powerful, simple but not simple

Unique layout: the paper book publishing rival
Screen rotation: horizontal and vertical screen switch freely, like how to look to see how
Format Support: PDF / EPUB / TXT / MOBI / UMD, format support up to
More languages: The latest 12 languages ​​just for your ultimate experience
Switching all models: from English to traditional, only keys from the One
Automatic Fragment: intelligent analysis TXT documents and sort out the chapter directory
Blu-ray eye: eye function screen filter blue light, comfortable reading
Animated page: four kinds of page-turning way to protect your personal reading
Automatic read: automatic reading handsfree
Automatic Synchronization: Automatically synchronize reading progress, cloud notes
Beautiful interface: The interface is simple and easy to operate, full free advertising
Library management: drag the desktop icon like like to manage your books
Wireless biography book: there is a wireless local area network can pass book, no data line

■ unmatched PDF reading experience
Import PDF documents from any support "sharing" program
The share PDF documents to a friend
Supports tagging PDF documents
PDF reading progress automatically stores

■ Enjoy millions of books

■ Friends Share
The new version supports Facebook, Google +, WeChat login
Sign the share books to Facebook, Google +, WeChat friends now!

■ caring service
All questions are detailed reply, the comfortable reading this.

■ rich online e-book, insisted genuine is our relentless pursuit

Network original novel:

President, wealthy, military marriage, romance, pure love, marriage, white-collar workers
Crossing, killer, house fighting, harem, farming, strong woman, Xian Xia
Xian Xia, goblins, magic, fantasy, gaming, fantasy, martial arts
Slash, youth, campus, city, Wang Bing, sports, history
Military, gaming, sci-fi, horror, terror, colleagues, Feng Shui

Popular author:

Unending potatoes, I eat tomatoes, tricky, Tang three little months off
Jiang small teeth, get wind, tyrants the world to sing the South to send Uncle, Angel Oscar
Tang seven, Chen Dong, Fresh fruit, Ming Xiaoxi, the fish were second generation, Xiao Ding
Fish, Nine months Xi, Yi Jun of China, bandit I think, Gu Man, Ding ink


Jinjiang, vertical and horizontal, Wo Ma, 25 city and other large-fiction Mingzhandaohang!

■ Tips:
If u CM Security cheetah's security tools installed, you need to iReader added to the whitelist to prevent CM Security cheetah clean up the master depth to clean out your downloaded books.

Come and join us, more exciting interactive:

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