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Free Books & Audiobooks

Free Books & Audiobooks

Thousands Free Books and Audiobooks. Listen & read books for free on book reader
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Free Books & Audiobooks Description

Listen & read free books. This free app contain thousands of free books and audiobooks. Browse the most popular free books, search and find a book you love. Download free books to read offline.

Free books
You can download free books. Now the app contains thousands of free e-books and there will be more!

Free audio books
Now you can listen to audio books in the car or any other situation because many free books also have a version of audiobooks. Every audio book can be downloaded and listen to without internet access.

Book reader
Use a great book reader to read free book. It is very easy to use. Read quickly and change the font size, margins and colors.

Book reader have night mode function to protect your eyes when read at night. Turn night mode to protect your eyes. Dark theme of the app and the ability to customize the font size does not strain your eyes.

Note: all books and audio books come from the public domain

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