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Справочник по русскому языку

Справочник по русскому языку

Reference book on the Russian language: spelling of words, rules and exceptions, grammar
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Справочник по русскому языку Description

This is a voluminous collection of rules of the Russian language. The handbook is suitable for those who are not sure about their knowledge of Russian grammar, will help to understand the spelling of words and punctuation.

The directory consists of 3 parts.

The first part contains information on the sections: phonetics, graphics, orthography, morphology, word formation, morphology. All kinds of analysis are described: phonetic, morphemic, word-formation, morphological.

Part 2 "Syntax and Punctuation" is devoted to the rules of parsing simple and complex sentences.

In part 3 "Russian language and culture of communication" you will find information on the following concepts of the Russian language:
- Orthoepic norms
- Morphological norms
- Syntactic norms
- Social variants of the Russian language
- Styles of the Russian literary language
- Accuracy of speech and vocabulary of the Russian language
- Text and its main features

Exercises for all the topics of the directory and answers to them, see the licey.net website in the online library / Russian language.

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