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起點小說﹣正版中文網路小說追書神器 Description

◉ The hottest and most complete original novel bookstore, the starting point of Chinese online literature, the choice of hundreds of millions of loyal readers~
[The most original fire] full-time master, fighting the sky, the support, the martial arts, the legend of the dragon king and other genuine original hits, looking forward to meeting you;
[Starting from the starting point] Millions of contracted writers are carefully crafted, with 40 million words of genuine literature, to spend every day and night with you;
[Classification] All categories of popular books to watch, fantasy, fantasy, romance, suspense, Xian Xia, martial arts, urban, spiritual, games, science fiction, two yuan, etc., give you everything you want!
[Book List Square] The selected compilations that have to be watched, senior book fans give their dedication, please allow us to save your book shortage;

丝 Silky smooth reading experience and a book of critics, let you completely immerse yourself in the world of stories~
[Experience first] pleasing visual effects and a relaxed and comfortable reading interface, all tailored for you;
[Great Gods gather together] famous masterpieces gather together to quickly worship the great god in your heart~ The writer’s testimony makes the real god no longer far away;
[Speak freely] More direct communication, Tucao community, reading comments with millions of book friends, and more truly grow with the owner;

◉ More intimate features and services waiting for you to explore~
[Free Reading] Free new book hot book is sent every day, so you can't stop!
[Smart recommendation] private customization, featured recommendation, corner meet your true love female host;
[User Book List] Create a unique book list in one step, and love to share and discover it from then on.

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