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===Less than 2M storage, gain a world of Novels&Comics! ===
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===Webnovel Lite Version Is Launched Now!====
===Less than 2M storage, gain a world of Novels&Comics! ===

===Must Read in 2019===
※Cheat&Passion※ Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
※Time Traveling※ It's Not Easy to Be a Man after Travelling to the Future
※Cultivation in Urban City※ Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
※Survival in Game System※ Only I level up
※Detective&Reincarnation※ Lord of the Mysteries
※Sex Change※ National School Prince Is A Girl
※Thriller&Suspence※ My House of Horrors
※Wuxia※ Tales of Demons and God
More Excellence is waiting for you to discover!

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※※※Unique Features※※※
● Select ANY GENRE you like: light novels, books with animation adaptations, stories with reborn heroes, magical realism, eastern fantasy, world of wuxia, horror stories, romantic love novels, fanfiction, sci-fi, books on video games, and excellent original stories⋯ Download the app to find more!
● Stories are UPDATED DAILY! Never be bored with new addictive plots and new worlds!
● Available on ALL DEVICES: PC web, Mobile web, iOS devices, Android devices. Read everywhere!
● Login every day to get FREE spirit stones and read fiction for free!
● Meet people who also like novels in our COMMUNITY, discuss your favorite novels, and share your reading experience!
● Enjoy legal translation copies of worldwide popular novels : ‘The King's Avatar, ‘Library of Heaven's Path’, ‘Release That Witch’...
● Be A Writer! Make money by publishing your novels on Webnovel. Millions of fiction-lovers around the world are waiting for your excellent work!

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