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Find thousands of new stories in the Lovel App and read them for free. Romance stories, mystery, fantasy stories, Sci-Fi and thriller novels, horror stories and more!

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?Immerse your whole self in reading, enjoy the ultimate reading experience
?The powerful search function makes it easy for you to find books
?Customized recommended books only for you
?Use Night Mode to protect your eyes, reading is the light in the dark

Why choose Lovel?
❤️All of the novels and fiction books in Lovel are FREE!
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❤️Select ANY GENRE you like: romantic novels, love stories, light novels, stories with reborn characters, magical realism, eastern fantasy, horror stories, fanfiction for K-POP fans, sci-fi, and excellent original stories…
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Hot Novels
She failed to win his heart after trying for three years, she decided to let go-a divorce! However, she found herself pregnant after that, while at the same time, was bumped into by her ex. “Whose child is this?” ”Definitely not yours!”

A single party on the eve of an engagement, framed by his sister, yet she walked into an unfamiliar man's room by mistake? On the day of the engagement ceremony, the indecent video of him being framed had actually been broadcasted publicly? His fiancé was stunned. The Clan annulled the marriage? Was his stepmother exposing that he wasn't his biological son? Father was sick? The ownership was taken away? What happened in one night? Wasn't she the princess of the famous family? When he was in despair, that man suddenly appeared! Reverse everything?

For the sake of her so-called love, she gave up her billionaire ex-husband and married off Phoenix Man. After the marriage, the husband revealed his true colors and flower name, and also let her raise his illegitimate child. When she realized that the fortune of the Wanshui Family was taken over by him in an instant, he set a trap for her to be tainted, she was afflicted with a disease, and she died tragically on the streets. Once they were reborn, she vowed to make them pay! Husband cheating? If he switched them out, his future would be ruined! Little San came to visit? She stole the child of the third child, making her live a life worse than death! Grandma mocked her for not being able to have children? A year after she remarried, she successfully gave birth to twins. "But why did the ex-husband of the dean chase after her relentlessly?" Li Qing Cang, we have already divorced.

After the matter was exposed, she was abandoned and left for another country. Seven years later, she came back with her IQ super high son, and she wanted to be a matchmaker for all those who were handsome, rich, and high quality, and he would not let them go. The former boyfriend, the current boss was completely provoked by her precious son. One was willing to go through fire and water for her, the other was willing to paint rivers and mountains for her. At the end, who could enter his precious son's eyes?

Her boyfriend cheated her for her best friend, she was driving absent-mindedly while crashing someone- she earned herself a husband!

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