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掌悅小說 Description

■ Sweet and warm, everything
■ Scourge abuse, rebirth, and counterattack, experience diverse lives in the novel, and be happy for your hatred!
■ Domineering, evil, paranoid, there is always one for you
■ Read novels, find friends, cute CP, read, can also be fun
■ The story connects the world, the brain expands the boundaries, this is your portal to the fantasy world

※ Heavy book TOP10 ※
■ Super Popular Novels & Comics:
`` President's First '', `` Finger Dyeing to Get Married '', `` Sacred Doctor's Daughter-in-law '', `` One Night's Evil Love '', `` First Grand Wedding ''
"Invincible Holy Spirit Master", "Three Lives, Three Miles, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms", "The Exorbitant Exorbitant Wife", "Innocent Girl Hot"
"Song of the Sand and the Sea", "Master of Weapons", "Broken Sky", "Duro Land", "Nine True Nine Suns",

Why choose Palm Yue novels?
■ Powerful, simple but not simple

  Unique typography: comparable to that of a paper book
  Screen rotation: free switching between horizontal and vertical screens
  Format support: EPUB / TXT / MOBI / UMD, most formats supported
  More languages: The latest 12 languages ​​are just for your ultimate experience
  Simplified and Traditional Switching: From Simplified to Traditional, only one key distance away
  Automatic chapter breaking: intelligent analysis of TXT documents and sorting out chapter directories
  Blu-ray eye protection: The eye protection function filters the screen blue light for comfortable reading
  Animated page turning: 4 ways to turn pages to ensure your personalized reading
  Auto Reading: Auto Reading Frees Your Hands
  Auto Sync: Automatically sync reading progress, cloud notes
  Beautiful interface: the interface is simple, easy to operate, and free of ads
  Book Management: Manage your books like a desktop icon
  Wireless Book Transfer: Book transfer wirelessly with LAN, no data cable required

■ Enjoy millions of books

■ Intimate service
All questions are answered in detail, and you should be comfortable reading.

■ Rich online e-books, insisting on genuine is our unremitting pursuit

Online original novel:

President, wealthy, military marriage, romance, pure love, marriage, white collar
Crossing, Killer, House Fighting, Harem, Farming, Women Strong, Fairy
Fairy, Fairy, Magic, Fantasy, Online Games, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Tammy, Youth, Campus, City, King of Soldiers, Athletic, History
Military, games, sci-fi, thriller, horror, fan, feng shui

Popular author:

Emperor silkworm potatoes, I eat tomatoes, I ’m tired of it, Tang family ’s three young children, Yueguan
Jiang Xiaoya, Feng Nong, Tianxia Ba Chang, Nanpai Uncle, Angel Oscar
Tang Qi, Chen Dong, Fresh Guoguo, Ming Xiaoxi, Murloc II, Xiao Ding
Tailfish, 玖 月 晞, Yidu Junhua, Bandit I Think, Gu Man, Ding Mo


Navigation of 25 famous stations such as Jinjiang, Zongheng, Hema and Chengbang!

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