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Библия ЦС (вер.4)

Библия ЦС (вер.4)

Texts of the New and Old Testaments in Church Slavonic.
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Библия ЦС (вер.4) Description

The application contains the text of the Old and New Testaments in Church Slavonic, adapted for viewing on mobile devices.
The program is equipped with convenient content and a search function that facilitates navigation through the texts of the Bible.
In addition, there are advanced navigation features, such as daily readings, as well as a visual and easy-to-use calendar.
The application also includes a translation of the Bible into Russian for the possibility of parallel reading.

Compared to the previous version (ver.3), the application has undergone major changes. The interface has been substantially redesigned taking into account the latest requirements for the appearance and behavior of Android applications. Also added several new features that simplify working with the application.

The application is distributed for informational purposes only. Texts may contain typos - please do not use them during worship or when writing scientific papers.

Comments, suggestions and suggestions, as well as all questions of interest, can be discussed on the forum http://forum.alexsem.org

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