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Ekadashi Jagran

Ekadashi Jagran

Ekadashi is known as the king of all spiritual austerities.
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Ekadashi Jagran Description

To mark the 60th celebrations of Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple Nairobi, the Temple is pleased to offer this app in an attempt to allow devotees to easily take part in Ekadashi Jagaran and to practice the Kirtans while on the move, at home or at the Temple. Kirtan Bhakti performed on any day is invaluable but the merits of such actions on Ekadashi are immeasurable.

- Offline reading, allowing it to work without an internet connection.
- In Gujarati and Transliterated English Lipi, making it accessible to majority of users.
- Ekadashi Patra (Letter) by Swami Shree Aksharjivan Dasji
- Change Text Colour to suit environment and preference
- Change Font Size for ease of reading
- Feature to alert us of corrections, if you find any mistakes, please do let us know using the built in feature.

What is Ekadashi?
Ekadashi follows the Hindu calendar on the movement of the moon. a month has 30 days and are divided into two periods of 15days. First period of the month is called Sud (Sukla pax). During this period, the Moon's size is increasing. The second period of the month is called Vad ( Krishan pax). During this period, the moon's size is decreasing.

Ekadashi occurs on the 11th day of each period (twice a month). Ekadashi mean 11 (Ek meaning 1 and dash meaning 10 therefore 11). It is tradition in Hindu religion to observe fast on this day and is considered a holy day.

Story of Ekadashi
Ekadashi is a Vrat (austerity) which started many years ago. Once Lord Narayan was resting and a demon call Mundanav challenged the Lord for a fight. Mundanav had a boon (wish) that he could not be defeated by a man. So Lord Narayan produced a damsel from eleven spiritual parts of his body. Mundanav was so attracted to this damsel that he asked her to marry her. The damsel agreed with a condition that he had to fight her and destroy her and only then will she marry him. Mundanav was blinded by passion and did not even think twice and agreed to fight with her.

During the fight, Mundanav was killed by the damsel. Lord Narayan was pleased with the damsel and granted her a boon.

The damsel asked Lord Narayan that ‘as I evolved from your Ekadash Indriyas (eleven spiritual parts of the body) I shall be known as Ekadashi. I am filled with Taap (penance) so I desire that people should observe Ekadashi Vrata on this day and control their Ekadash Indriyas on this day. Lord Narayan agreed and ever since all Hindus perform Ekadashi Vrat by fasting or eating farrari foods. A number of people do Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat on this day by not taking any food or drink.

Swaminarayan Bhagwan explains in the Vachnamrut that a true Ekadashi Vrat is when one withdraws the ten indriyas and the eleventh, the mind, from their worldly activities and focuses them on God and devotional activities.

The Indriyas that should be controlled during Ekadashi:
5 Sense organs

5 Motor organs
Reproductive Organs
Excretory Organs
The Mind


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