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معجم المغني (قاموس عربي شامل)

معجم المغني (قاموس عربي شامل)

A comprehensive and rare Arabic dictionary that includes tens of thousands of words and hundreds of thousands of detailed meanings
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معجم المغني (قاموس عربي شامل) Screenshots

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معجم المغني (قاموس عربي شامل) Description

Characteristics and advantages of Al-Ghani dictionary:
1. A practical functional dictionary.
2. Arranged alphabetically and according to the pronunciation of the words.
3. Fully formed.
4. Guide to searching for the word easily, effortlessly and easily.
5. It provides simple explanations and definitions accessible to all.
6. Includes hundreds of literary evidence.
7. It lists the generative, localized and extraneous words.
8. It lists literary, cultural, scientific and technical terms.
9. Known as the exits of letters and the number they represent in calculating sentences.
10. Includes hundreds of illustrations of plants, animals and things.

Author: Abdul-Ghani Abu Al-Azm


The most important features of the program:

lines :
◉ Ability to change the font size.
◉ ability to change font color.
The possibility of changing the font shape within 8 Arabic fonts.

Colors :
The ability to change the page background color to hundreds of colors.
The ability to change the page background color for dozens of themes.
◉ The possibility of setting picture backgrounds within dozens of pictures.

◉ Full or normal screen display.
The possibility of displaying the doors with night reading system, which is comfortable for the eye.
◉ There is a side menu containing all the chapters to quickly move between them.
◉ The presence of arrows at the end of each chapter to move to the next and previous chapter easily.

the page :
◉ The possibility of increasing or decreasing the spacing between lines.
◉ The ability to display the text left and right and in the middle.
◉ The possibility of reaching the bottom of the page or the top of the page directly.

◉ The ability to copy and share any chapter or chapter completely.
The ability to share a section of the chapter by long pressing on the text.
◉ The ability to share the application itself.

search :
The possibility of text search within the chapter itself.
◉ The ability to search for any word inside all sections.
◉ The ability to search in the list of chapters.

Preservation :
◉ Save the last place you reached in the chapters list.
◉ Save the last reading place you reached in the class itself.
◉ Save the last page you reached.
◉ Save your notes on any section.
Save favorite sections.

Other settings:
◉ The ability to download lines automatically without touching the screen.
◉ Having a timer to set the time period for automatic reading and exit.
◉ The ability to reset the program settings and return to the default mode.

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