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Free Employee Attendance App, Time Tracking App

Free Employee Attendance App, Time Tracking App

Free Employee Attendance App, Time Tracking App, Payroll, Salary Calculation
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Free Employee Attendance App, Time Tracking App Description

factoTime ? introduced first of it's kind mobile first attendance app for SMEs.

Forgot the outdated manual, physical and spreadsheet ways to record employee attendance or tracking employee working hours.

Some of the names people use in different regions where factoTime can be used directly.
Attendance App
Time And Attendance
Time Clock
Time Tracker
Time Tracking App
Time Tracking Software
Time Keeping
Time Office
Employee Attendance App
Employee Time Tracking
Employee Time Keeping
Process Payroll
Calculate Salary
Employee Self Attendance App
Salary Management App
Employee Tracking App
Attendance Management system
Employee Time Tracking
Biometric Attendance App
Free Payroll App
Payroll App
Salary Calculator
Location Based Attendance app
Employee Tracking
Payroll Management App

factoTime provides you modern attendance app or time tracking app at you finger tips.

factoTime empowers you to track employee's attendance as well as working hours from your mobile device. It can be considered as time tracking in some countries

Advantage of factoTime
- Runs on both Android and iOS platforms.
- Refine time clocking with the app-based system.
- Smart, secure and agile solution for efficient attendance or time tracking for all kinds of business.
- Automation to make time recording and data processing paperless.


Payroll / Salary Calculation
With factoTime you can define employee wages and calculate salary or process payroll based on attendance captured on factoTime. You can defined hourly, daily or monthly wages of any employee. You can also record loan or advance given to employee.

Keep Employee Records
- You keep employee's information like Name, mobile no,email, employee id, DOJ, DOB, Department and Designation in factoTime.

Attendance From Mobile
- Allow employees to mark attendance from mobile devices.

Time Tracking From Mobile
- Allow employees to punch from mobile devices and system will auto calculate total working hours for payroll.

Shift with break duration
- with factoTime you can create shift with extensive options like in-out timing, grace period, break duration and break count. You can assign shift to employee and track if they violate shift policy.

Working Calendar
- you can also set working day, half day and week off as per your companies policy and get reporting accordingly.

Holiday Calendar
- you can enter and manage all your holidays at one place and get reflected in reporting.

Capture employee location
- factoTime provides you facility to capture employee current location and address information on punching.

Importable Reporting
- factoTime provides you daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports in ready to import format, so you can import it in your choice of payroll system to process payroll quickly.

Happy Time Clocking !!! ? ? ?

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