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KINEGRAM® Digital Seal

KINEGRAM® Digital Seal

Inspection of the authenticity of passports, visas, ID cards and driver licenses
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KINEGRAM® Digital Seal Description

The KINEGRAM® Digital Seal version enables you to inspect travel and ID documents by capturing the machine-readable zone (MRZ) on travel documents or a bar-code (QR or PDF417) on an ID or driver’s license card.

The displayed information can be compared with the printed data on the document.

For chip-based travel documents the digitally stored data as well as the facial image is displayed (only for NFC-enabled mobile devices).

Additionally, the full KINEGRAM® Digital Seal version allows for side-by-side inspection of the physical security features (especially the KINEGRAM) on the document using an in-app reference database containing images and videos.

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