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StockApp: Easy Stock/Inventory Control and Tracker

StockApp: Easy Stock/Inventory Control and Tracker

Manage your business even while you're away. Easy Stock/inventory control.
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StockApp: Easy Stock/Inventory Control and Tracker Description

With ZERO setup cost and NO ADS, this simple app can manage your businesses while you are away. Keep track of your inventory/stock, sales, expenses & profit analysis while saving your time & money.

It can be used in small shops for sales and purchase management.
Business owners with multiple businesses use it to monitor everything from one account from anywhere.

Big companies can use it to record and export PDF reports of products or transactions.
Employees / Shop Attendants can easily enter sales from their phones.

Shop Owner has all the power.
1. Stock manager ,
2. Sales Manager.
3. Employees Manager.
4. Profit & Expenses manager.
5. Cash flow manager, Fast & Slow-moving products.
6. Automated data backup every 6 hrs, Data is synced in the cloud.
7. Supplier & Customers on credit manager.
8. Export daily, weekly, monthly & yearly records.
9. Use your computer from our web app at http://stockapp.africa/web/.
10. Employees dashboard. Multiple employees can enter sales and expenses.
11. Ability to manage multiple businesses.
13. You can lockout employees from accessing it at specific times.
14. Full-time support & Free updates
15. Works in both offline and online mode.
16. Your data is accessible from all your devices.

Monitor your business from anywhere in real-time using your phone. Thank You.

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