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Let's introduce the most used QR payment now!
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PayPay店舗用アプリ-ペイペイ(かんたん売上管理) Screenshots

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PayPay店舗用アプリ-ペイペイ(かんたん売上管理) Description

1.Easy payment management with smartphone
2. You can pay by scanning your QR code.

1.Easy payment management with smartphone
Refund processing: Refund processing to customers can be done immediately.
Transaction confirmation: Search and inquiry of payment history are smooth.
Payment confirmation: You can easily confirm the payment to the store.

2. You can pay by scanning your QR code.
読 み 取 Read the QR code of the store and not only the payment method where the customer enters the amount, but also the QR code displayed by the customer and the store can enter and pay the amount.

[How to use]
1. Download the app
2. Log in with the address registered when applying for the store and the password registered in advance
Enter the authentication code received in the email in 3.2.
4. Select the target store from the store selection
5. The top of the management screen is displayed and you can start using it.

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