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Don Rebellion
Don Rebellion
God app. fungerer helt perfekt med mobilordre.
Posted 2 years ago

MobilOrdre Description

- Do you spend a lot of time on administrative work?
- Do you want to get away from curled workheets?
- Would you like to save time and money?
- Would you like to have an overview of customers, orders, employees and the associated workflows?

If you can answer yes to these questions, take a good look at manual paperwork and welcome to the electronic future via MobilOrdre - "Denmark's most user-friendly solution."

MobilOrdre is a simple tool that, through a website and clients on the mobile phone, streamlines the workflow of the company.

- Use your strengths for the best of your craftsmanship.
- Less manual paperwork gives fewer errors and thus more efficient administration.
- Earn more money on the bottom line and get more satisfied customers

Here is a selection of the many great features of MobilOrdre.

The assignment is sent to the employee's phone.

- "Click and Find Road" to the customer's address.
- "Click and Call" to the customer's phone number.

Checklists / task lists are sent by inspection and ensure all items are reviewed.

- Inspection and testing are done structured, all points are remembered and they are acknowledged to be made. (Quality)
- The installer takes a picture of the work and saves it on the assignment. (Documentation of the assignment)

As soon as the installer finishes the order, the invoice can be sent and payment will be made sooner.

- Better liquidity.

MobilOrdre provides a super easy overview of scheduling via the calendar in the web interface.

- what task is the individual employee on?
- Who has a hole in the calendar for an urgent task?
- Who is closest to the customer who has a problem?

Try it now via mobilordre.dk

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