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썸썸 편의점

썸썸 편의점

A game where you can love while working at a convenience store
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Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang
재밌ㄸAㅏ!! 근데 $11.99 라는게 걱정.
Posted 1 month ago

썸썸 편의점 Description

The protagonist came to work at a convenience store due to family circumstances.

Download the love app [SOME SOME], which is boring.

SOME When you turn on SOME, a new relationship begins with three young girls ...

A junior junior Alban, a foreign singer trainee who appears in front of the protagonist, a bodyguard who looks awkward.

Your choice?

-Features of this game

1) A game of dating while working at a convenience store
2) Love simulation. 3 love routes
3) Three heroines! Professional voice actor full voice game!

-Minimum specification
Android 6.0 or higher (OPEN GL ES 3.0 or higher)
Galaxy S5 or higher / Galaxy Note 4 or higher

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