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Tik Tak Tail Carrot Catch

Tik Tak Tail Carrot Catch

by Zapak in Casual
Help Tik collect carrots and escape Tak's wicked plans.
33,613 Installs
17 Ratings

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Tik Tak Tail Carrot Catch Description

Tik Tak Tail Carrot Catch is simple, fun and entertaining.

While Tik is on a mission to grab as many carrots as possible, Tak and Tail keep throwing balls at him to catch him.

Help Tik collect carrots and escape Tak's wicked plans.

You can choose to play in classic or challenge mode. The speed of the carrots increases with every second. Stay focused and try and grab all the carrots and keep your lives intact. Download the game and enjoy the fun with Tik, Tak, and Tail.

- The game is optimized for tablet devices.

- This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.


TIK TAK TAIL is a fun-filled and action-packed entertainer about a cute rabbit (TIK) and ferocious tiger (TAK) who are constantly on the run. It’s a story of unending attempts of TAK to catch TIK and how the rabbit always outruns the tiger with his speed and smartness. But here is the twist in the tail... literally! TIK is not only battling TAK but also his tail. TAIL has two roving eyes and a hungry mouth of its own. But without hands and legs, he is at TAK's beck and calls. However, if TAIL ever decides to have his way, he can simply wrap himself around a tree-trunk and not let TAK move ahead. TAK and TAIL are partners in crime with their target always being TIK. But TIK uses their different needs to his advantage and often sets TAK and TAIL on opposite paths while finding an escape route for himself. By doing this, TIK also pits TAK and TAIL against each other. This cross-connected chemistry between TIK, TAK and TAIL make it a fascinating game of one-upmanship. ik Tak Tail is an Indian slapstick comedy animated television series. It premiered on Pogo.

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