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You can chat with voice easily with your family free of charge using Cushat
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Cushat Description

Make free photo voice calls: Call your friends and family for free with Cushat calls, even if they are in another country. * Cushat calls use your phone's internet connection instead of consuming cellular bundle minutes. (Note: There may be fees when calling over the data package. Please see its carrier for details. It must be noted that WhatsApp cannot be used to call emergency and emergency numbers).

• Group chat: You can enjoy group chat with your contacts, and easily communicate with your friends and family.

No international telecommunications charges: You will not incur additional charges for sending messages via Cushat to people residing in other countries. Enjoy chatting with your friends around the world, and avoid paying SMS messages to message people residing in other countries.

• No need to enter usernames or personal identification numbers (PINs): Why are you bothering to save more usernames or personal identification numbers (PINs)? Cushat works with your phone number, just like SMS, and it simply uses the contacts in your phone's address book.

• No login required: your Cushat account is always available so you don't miss any messages. You will never be confused about whether you are logged in or logged out.

• Quick contact with your contacts: The program uses the address book on your phone to enable you to quickly and easily call your contacts who use Cushat; It is enough for you to bother remembering usernames that are difficult to remember.

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