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Ventura Chat

Ventura Chat

Ventura chat: is a Chat Application from the Ventura Payment System
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Ventura Chat Description

VC - Ventura Chat

Server & Channel Info: about up to date server info every day

Chat Transactions: Chat Transactions to servers with a more attractive appearance

Chat Complaints: complaints to the server, but with a clear history. Complaints like reciprocated chat with CS on Social Media

Partner Chat: partners can chat with each other as long as the number is saved in the HP contact (coming soon)

Chat & Group Info: group info in the form of a business guide in running vps

Blacklist: Menu that contains a blacklist. Which numbers are blacklisted and the reason is blacklisted from the server, based on info & complaints from partners (eg fraudsters)

SPAM: if there is a chat from the numbers on the blacklist they will go directly to the SPAM folder.

1 Login Session: Safe, practical & efficient

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