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Messaging app that using Telegram API, masterminded to the smallest detail.
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Dawger Dragon
Dawger Dragon
BGram is my default Telegram client and it's much more feature rich than the official app. My only gripe is it's not always kept up to date in a timely fashion from the source but I understand it can be a lot of work to get it there every time a new official version is released. Still 5 stars though and I hope to continue using BGram for a long time as I've used it from the beginning without issue.
Posted 1 year ago
Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman
Everything is ok but no notification sound. I already change and make sure this app is battery saver free. But for Private and group chat no sound at all. I even not mute the chat
Posted 1 year ago
Ajai Kumar
Ajai Kumar
Love your app. Transfered from plus messenger. Found many more useful features. One thing I found missing is the ability to delete cache of file without deleting message from chat/ channel. Please add this feature.
Posted 1 year ago
I just installed it and it's awesome. It made me disable the vibration on swipe, and there's a black/green default theme! It's built on top of the official client, so BGram just adds new features!
Posted 1 year ago

BGram Description

Advanced unofficial client based on Telegram API. Totally free.


• Support for up to 100 accounts.
• Chat tabs: channels, bots, favorites, secret, unread, administered, etc.
• Create your own chat tabs with icon support from png.
• Multiple tab bar options, including vertical view and buttons.
• Batch actions with chats (mark read, delete, etc.) and contacts.
• Auto-merge your messages sent in a row.
• Confirmation of sending audio, video messages, GIFs, stickers.
• Change interface fonts with viewing and setting ttf from chat.
• Hidden chats with telegram password protection and fingerprint login.
• Auto-selecting proxy based on ping and connection speed.
• Built-in TOR.
• Forward messages without quoting, with editing, or adding caption to media.
• Copy part of the message.
• Improved formatting panel (with quote and reply to selected phrase).
• Create links in two clicks.
• Increase the limit of pinned chats to 100.
• All types of shared media in the profile.
• Photo in chat for the entire width of the screen.
• Hide bottom panel in channels.
• Search button in each chat.
• Save to cloud and Edit buttons next to chat messages.
• Copy links and usernames by click.
• Reply and save to the cloud (in channels) swipe left, forward swipe right.
• "Forward and delete original messages," save selection after multi forward, "etc.
• Quick access to functions by long tap on various interface elements.
• Fast selection (in 3 clicks) of message groups and batch actions (save to cloud, copy links).
• Long tap actions in searching results: on chat avatar — copy username, on message — copy link to message.
• Search for replies to your messages on all chats (long tap on search button in the main screen).
• Create a link to a user profile without username.
• Mention by name (without @) with custom text.
• Search for replies to a message and user messages in a group.
• Users view group administrator rights.
• Convenience to manage the group: clean from deleted, access to the avatar hold log, buttons in the profile, items in the context menu, batch forwarding from the log.
• Backup settings with sending to the cloud
• Export a list of links to all tab chats.
• Reading mode: the ability to read messages without confirmation (second tick) and typing, keeping status «offline». Note: when you send any message (even to your Saved messages) your status will be "online" for a short time (ghost always works this way), so it is recommended to set «Last activity» in privacy settings to "Nobody" or "My contacts".
IMPORTANT: It is your choice to use this function and all its consequences are upon your responsibility. The function is disabled by default.

and many other options...

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Official support group:

Video Guide:

Hope you enjoy it.

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