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Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API
27M+ Installs

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Manojit Maji
Manojit Maji
It's a very good app. But I am facing a problem during downloading any file. I can't pause & resume any file. If I pause while downloading today and resume it on tomorrow, it's starting from the very beginning, not from that exact downloaded portion. Why is this happening? Please help me out.
Posted 1 year ago
Mostafa Fallah
Mostafa Fallah
As mobogram banned by Iran and Google Play Store, I decided to use Plus, but the lack of some option in Plus is seems, *the download manager, we are have a lower price of data usage at 02 O'clock to 07 O'clock, in app download manager can help us to download larger files at lower price data hours. Shamsi Date watermark on chat is very helpful. These are the options that Mobogram provides, but I cant find in Plus.
Posted 1 year ago
Kamron Phray
Kamron Phray
Love it. But, please, add function in the plus camera to change it to front/back when we are filming like in Instagram. That would be super useful for those who don't wanna send 144p video messages (they are cool too tho)?
Posted 1 year ago
mesach tv
mesach tv
I don't like the single tap photo slide thing. When I wanted to zoom in and see something that is on the side of the photo and when I double click to zoom. it Changes the photo. It's annoying ?
Posted 1 year ago

Plus Messenger Description

Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

# One of the best rated messaging apps on Play Store #
# More than 20 million downloads #
# Translated into more than 20 languages #
# Many support groups in different languages #

Plus Messenger adds some extra features to official Telegram app:

• Separated tabs for chats: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator.
• Many options to cutomize tabs.
• Multi-account (up to 10).
• Categories. Create custom groups of chats (family, work, sports...).
• Categories can be saved and restored.
• Change default app folder.
• Different sorting methods for chats.
• Increased limit of pinned chats to 100.
• Increased favorite stickers limit to 20.
• Show floating notifications when users are online/writing.
• Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/unmute, archive...).
• Forward messages without quoting. Edit message/caption before forwarding.
• Save documents using original name.
• Copy selection of text message.
• Set photo quality before sending.
• Show user's bio in chat.
• Add time to floating date in chat.
• Start round video using main camera.
• Show download progress.
• Quick switch between chats through the quick bar.
• Show user messages and media in group chat.
• Show/hide mute/unmute button from channels.
• More than 10 different bubbles and checks designs.
• Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and settings menu.
• Show username instead of mobile number in navigation menu.
• Easily switch to night mode from navigation menu.
• Show/hide options from navigation menu.
• Use phone emojis.
• Use phone font.
• Save and restore Plus settings.
• Chat counter.

And many more options!!

Channel: https://t.me/plusmsgr
Support group: https://t.me/plusmsgrchat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/plusmsgr
Web: https://plusmessenger.org

Plus themes app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.rafalense.themes
Telegram themes app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.rafalense.telegram.themes

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