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Знакомства рядом в ВК (ВКонтакте)

Знакомства рядом в ВК (ВКонтакте)

Meet the people next free!
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Знакомства рядом в ВК (ВКонтакте) Description

Meet next to the VC - FaceBook application that helps to meet people in the vicinity (on the geolocation).

- People Search from the VC next to or at a predetermined location for Me
- View pages
- Determination of the age and status of the family situation
- Guests VC (visitors through this app)
- Attracting new visitors
- Ability to Like in the VC
- Send video, photo, music,
To determine the user's location using location information of his photographs.

Why is it better to get acquainted in the "Meet in the next VC"?
- Personals & Dating free
- People who meet on a dating site, sooner or later suffer communication in social networks.
- VKontakte - the largest base of forms, which is unmatched by any one service for dating.
- Search the Internet does not lose popularity, but many people have the registration barrier on the dating site.
- Can you meet with anyone from the VC nearby.

The application was developed in the framework of the spring competition "VK Mobile Challenge".
This is an unofficial app and we have no relationship to the company VKontakte. The name and trademark are the property of VKontakte owners.

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