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Par Perfeito: Encontros, Namoro, Relacionamento

Par Perfeito: Encontros, Namoro, Relacionamento

Start your search for singles who want relationship, friendship or dating.
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Par Perfeito: Encontros, Namoro, Relacionamento Description

Par Perfeito is the best online dating app in Brazil. We know who you are, who you're looking for, and we connect you with people who want the same thing as you: a light, committed relationship that lasts as long as it lasts.

The filter is our differential!

When you know what you are looking for, why waste time and date multiple singles when you can date the person that really suits you? Here the goal is to help you quickly find someone to match your moment. In order not to waste time, you filter. After all, you have your moment, we have the filter!

There are several filters, from gender and age to interests and hobbies. Are you looking for dates with a man or a woman? With children or without children? Do you like going to the movies or prefer to read a book at home? You have the control!

Privacy and security in 1st place

We take security very seriously! We are the only ones with a team dedicated 24 hours a day to the quality and safety of the online dating environment to keep you light and peaceful in your search. In addition, we have tools to get you in control, such as Denounce, and a specialized Customer Service team ready to answer all your questions and receive suggestions for improvements.

Perfect Pair is simple and easy to navigate. There are several features for you to interact with people who interest you. Get to know our main tools:

- Suggestions: Meet people who match you in the suggestions tab, you can mark "yes" or "no" and help us to optimize the list even more. Plus, every day you can see the Tops of the Day, people we believe best suit you!

- Messaging: Chat with anyone you want as a chat.

- Likes: Did you like a person? Take the first step and show your interest by sending a like!

- Gave Pair: When the feeling is matched, it's a pair! When you like someone and they are interested too, we warn you that "Gave Pair"!

- Search: Here you find all the filters and define exactly what you want in a relationship, depending on your timing.

- Who Knows: Have you thought about meeting someone unexpected? In Who Knows we refer people based on different points and characteristics that we think may match your moment. Maybe you don't like to meet surprises?

- Boost: Highlight your profile to be seen by more people. These are 60min sessions, where you will have your profile prioritized in the search!

- Subscriptions: We have exclusive features for our subscribers. Like sending personalized messages, chatting with subscribers or EVERYONE you want, seeing who visited your profile, who liked your photos, and removed someone from search.

Our Terms of Use are available at http://www.parperfeito.com.br/registration/membagr.aspx?lid=4

Here every connection is real and quality. So in order not to waste time, it goes from Par Perfeito.

Create your profile and find your match now!

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