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Theoriq - quotes, book excerpts & life theories

Theoriq - quotes, book excerpts & life theories

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Theoriq - quotes, book excerpts & life theories Description

What if you could casually scroll through quotes, book extracts or short essays; and uncover fascinating ideas from the most remarkable figures of the pas, or these days most inspirational thinkers? Ideas usually hidden in the pages of the books of your local library or bookshop.

What if every idle time becomes the opportunity to learn something new? A new theory, a new concept, food for thoughts to help you grow.

Using beautiful imagery, Theoriq unveils all sort of knowledge about human being and everything that we call life.

- New entries in your feed every day – quotes, book passages, concepts from renowned authors and academics,
- Create your own library of concepts
- Leave your own example to illustrate any theory
- Browse by category, authors, books
- Interact with the community
- Get notified
- customize your feed

We curate book. We scout the web. We select, study and synthesize in easily digestible nuggets, key concepts in human sciences, social sciences: relationships, communication, creativity, life success, economy, sociology, innovation, management, etc... Principles and theories which help you in understanding better the world around you.

Much like a social feed, you can scroll through a growing corpus of ideas, story and wisdoms nicely organized for you, whether it is explanatory diagrams, evocative images, short stories that have made history, authors outstanding writings, or memorable quotes from the greatest minds.

Would you like to participate into creating the world’s first library of life principles? Anyone can share his or her experiences and knowledge to illustrate any principle by providing real life examples.

Email us for any question: [email protected]

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