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ReadToMe: Student Edition

ReadToMe: Student Edition

Improve your English reading and comprehension at home.
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ReadToMe: Student Edition Description

ReadToMe is a multi-sensory English reading and comprehension AI software.

This software will assist you to read and comprehend English textbooks.

★ReadToMe Student Edition makes learning English at home easy!★

ReadToMe Student Edition has many features that help with English reading and comprehension:

✔️Reading of the Text: The app will read to you at a speed that you like.
✔️Highlighting of Words: For better learning each word is highlighted when reading.
✔️English Dictionary: Find the English meaning of every word in your textbook.
✔️Picture Dictionary: Learn meanings of words with pictures.
✔️Translate Word: Translate any word to a local language.
✔️Pronounce Word: Learn how to pronounce any word in your textbook.
✔️Spell Word: Practise the spelling of any word in your textbook.

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