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Quiddity: Free Nonfiction Book Summaries

Quiddity: Free Nonfiction Book Summaries

Key Insights of the best nonfiction books in Text & Audio on Your Smartphone
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Quiddity: Free Nonfiction Book Summaries Description

Quiddity transforms bestselling nonfiction books into short insightful ebooks called Quids

Recommended by Beebom as one of the best free alternatives to Blinkist

Ever wondered what the Hawking Index is? "It is the % value assigned to eBooks based on the average page number of the five most highlighted passages as a proportion of that book's total length." It is intended to show how far people get through books before quitting. Of course, this does not take into account the books in print, but you get the gist. Do your latest nonfiction books keep gathering dust on the shelf? Everyone wants to read Nonfiction books because everyone knows their importance and value, but not many actually read them. How many great books have you managed to read? How many of them did you finish? Often, we find ourselves short on time to read all the great books we want to. Thankfully, it is not about how many nonfiction books you read, but which books you read, and how well you retain and understand the information present in them. We select some of the best nonfiction books across genres and categories and distill their content into a 10-15-minute dose of wisdom we call a Quid. Many (not all) of these Quids are also published in a supplementary audiobook powered by Amazon Polly, which you can access by pressing the headphone symbol on the bottom of the reading screen on any page. All Quids which have an audiobook option have a headphone symbol on the blue Read button on the synopsis screen. Get the key insights of over 200 of the best and the greatest nonfiction books on your smartphone on Quiddity and join over 30000 users who get their daily Quid of wisdom on their smartphones.

*Please note that we do not support tablets/phablets yet and as of now audio cannot function in background.

We make nonfiction books simple for those who find them tough to read. Read or listen to the book synopses of bestsellers which you always wanted to read but never had the time to.

Use Quiddity to

1) Develop your professional and personal skills with the bestselling and the best of business books, management books, books on leadership, self help and self improvement books.
2) Trigger new ideas with a selection of the best books in science, philosophy, history, economics, politics, and social sciences.
3) Play the audio book summaries and listen to them while doing something else
4) Discover what to read, and read more.

Get more out of reading and manage your time better. Quiddity will help you skim a nonfiction book by focusing on its key lessons and ideas.

Choose from 12 genres of Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, Self Help, Self Improvement, Psychology, Motivation, Inspiration, Health and Fitness, Finance and Investments, Science and Technology, Philosophy, Economics, History, Biographies and Memoirs, Politics and Social Science, etc.

We add about 6-8 books a month ~ about 1-2 every week.

We wont let the lack of time stop you from learning. We will Read, so that You can Learn

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