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SkillMentor by Mentorist: SelfHelp Books In Action

SkillMentor by Mentorist: SelfHelp Books In Action

Personal development & self-improvement | Build skills mentor | Mental health
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SkillMentor by Mentorist: SelfHelp Books In Action Description

You will get what you desire in life only when you decide to become the best version of yourself by investing in your personal growth and professional development.

Learn how motivation works: What does it take to be truly healthy? How can you set goals for yourself? What are the best productivity hacks? Then, learn to apply these strategies and acquire new life skills.

SkillMentor will help you with your journey along the way. You will learn from the best self-help books, SkillMentor will remind you to take action, you will acquire new skills and mindsets, and finally, you will become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The app is 100% based on the best self-help books, such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principles by Ray Dalio, Atomic Habits, No Excuses by Brian Tracy, and more. We summarized all of this knowledge to provide you with the most important points—list of skills, so you can easily apply them to your life. SkillMentor has over 1,500 of these skills already!

SkillMentor is like your personal mentor, it provides you with tools to learn new life and business strategies, acquire principles, change your mindset, and adopt new skills. SkillMentor is a self-improvement app. Prepare for total life changes!

⏩Here are a few things that SkillMentor will help you with:⏪
✔️ Leadership skills - SkillMentor has one full development path based on 10 best-selling books that focuses only on this skill.
✔️ Personal productivity - SkillMentor has strategies and habits from eight of the best books about this subject.
✔️ Self-esteem and confidence - Discover how to change your inner dialogue, and you will change the way you approach new challenges.
✔️ Daily mantras - Learn to craft mantras that are practical and effective.
✔️ Daily routine - Learn how to design your perfect routine based on five books on the subject.
✔️ Mental health - Master and overcome your stress, depression, and anxiety. Change your mind!
✔️ Physical health - It’s not only about healthy eating and exercising. Discover the intricacies and habits involved in improving physical health.
✔️ Self-discipline - Probably the best book on this topic is The Willpower Instinct. You will find all those strategies in this app.
✔️ Self-love - Doing one simple exercise every morning will help you learn to love yourself. You will find instructions in the list of habits from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.
✔️ Mindfulness - It’s not only meditation. It’s about giving attention to every aspect of your life.
✔️ Positive affirmations - These affirmations work only if you connect them with taking action. Action is the element that proves who you really are. SkillMentor will help you to take action.
✔️ High performance - Have you ever heard of the book High Performance Habits? It’s a great book; and yes, SkillMentor has all the habits in our app.
✔️ Morning motivation - You cannot improve yourself 100% overnight. But what you can do is improve 1% every single day. And beginning your morning with something that will inspire you is extremely beneficial.
✔️ Self-discovery - There are things that you don’t know that you don’t know.
✔️ Goal setting - There are different methodologies recommended by different coaches. Check out ✔️ Getting Things Done (aka GTD) and Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.
✔️ Self-control - Work on mindfulness, and then use strategies to gain full control of your mind.

Want more? In the app, you can read the entire self-help book summaries for free. Just remember, what really matters is being able to actually apply the skills and strategies from these books.

Change your mind - Improve your mental health and knowledge!

➡️➡️➡️ Download this personal development and self-help app - Build good skills & start your personal growth!

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