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Tuition Class Management System(TCMS)

Tuition Class Management System(TCMS)

TCMS Application manage fees/earnings management & attendance tracking.
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Tuition Class Management System(TCMS) Description

Tuition Class Management System Application is a tuition class fees/earnings management & attendance tracking application. It enables a private tutor or any coaching class to maintain a list of students enrolled, track their fees payment and attendance. The app allows Fees Receipts to be sent via SMS. This app stores all data locally on the mobile device and does not need any internet connectivity to function. A very easy to use Backup and Restore function allows data to be saved from the app and transferred to another device thus ensuring continuity without any loss of data when you change devices. The app supports more than 25 actions at this time and we have plans to constantly enhance it.

The application has the following features.
- Collect and manage student details
- Group students into batches
- Add new groups and the order in which groups will be displayed
- Record Fees Payment from students
- Record Attendance of students
- Allows the tutor to send fees receipts to students via SMS on the stored mobile numbers of the students.
- Enables the tutor to send any message to a single or multiple students at the same time (for example: a fees payment reminder)
- Enable user-defined fields to save any additional information about your students
- View the fees paid history of a student
- View the attendance history of a student
- View of list of students who have defaulted on fees payment
- View the total fees received by batch and month.
- Data backup feature that allows data to be saved on cloud.
- Data restore feature that allows data to be imported into the application from a previously backed up file in the same device or copied from a different device.
- A search feature that allows the tutor to quickly locate a student across multiple batches either using the name of the student.

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