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Карточки для запоминания слов

Карточки для запоминания слов

Memory cards - effective word storage based on interval repetitions.
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Карточки для запоминания слов Description

Distinctive features of the application:
- the opportunity for the long term to remember not only a foreign language, but also anything: SDA tickets, grammar rules for the exam ...
- you can add new words using a text file created on a computer
This technique helped me replenish the English vocabulary.
I hope this application helps you too.

Usually all people use the classic way of remembering. That is, they repeat every day. And after a week they don’t remember anything. And so every time. Think of at least exam preparation.
Using the application allows you to save all knowledge in long-term memory, while spending less time memorizing.

The essence of the application algorithm is that the information must be repeated at certain increasing time intervals.

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