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Exclusively for Narayana Students, nLearn is an e-learning app.
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nLearn Description

nLearn – a complete learning app – is Narayana’s exclusive in-built for students with more than 2 Lakh registered paid users. nLearn offers comprehensive learning programs in Math and Science, along with multiple prep courses for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

Our dedicated R&D team has developed the complete app in-house with state-of-the-art content creators across India. Our team is committed to making learning effective and simple.


Learn through Practice -

Tightly Coupled with Narayana’s curriculum (Micro-schedule), Practice feature helps the user to learn each topic through the synopsis, adaptive practice, previous Narayana questions and Weekly Assignments

Take Test -

With Scheduled tests and Mock tests, every student is empowered to test his/her knowledge from learning concepts. With creating tests feature, a student can now create his own personalized learning journey from multi-chapter tests feature.

Detailed Analytics -

nLearn runs an in-depth analysis to provide customized insights based on tests and practice. Students receive an error-list immediately after completion of the test to help improvise the student’s performance.

Interactive Videos -

With Interactive Videos, learning is made simple for a student by enhancing visual perception of concepts in-depth.


For any information/ help, please contact your principal or reach us at 1800 102 3344

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