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HelloJoey - Parenting App for Ages 0-12

HelloJoey - Parenting App for Ages 0-12

The first parenting app to build a solid parenting foundation in 10 min a day.
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HelloJoey - Parenting App for Ages 0-12 Description

Parenting: You've got this. And we can help with the first parenting app that combines insights from experts in psychology, neuroscience, pediatrics and mindfulness with relatable, real-life stories. Our mission is to improve relationships, starting with parent and child.

We know that parenting is an important job—but for most people, it’s one that comes with many surprises and very little preparation. Of course, everyone has advice. But where do we start and who do we trust? More importantly, how can we develop a parenting foundation that empowers us to find what works best for our own, unique family?

We created the HelloJoey app (Hello Joey) to help parents manage any parenting challenge with confidence, empathy and sanity--and on their own terms. Unlike parenting classes or parenting books, our app is built so that you can build a rock-solid parenting foundation in just 10 minutes a day.

Here's how:

Our app is organized into kits which are topics such as Discipline, Bullying, Picky Eating, Screen Time, and Reading. Our team spends hundreds of hours per kit, condensing the latest research, science, and parenting books into content that is simple to learn and practice. We address common parenting questions like:

- How do I discipline my kid without losing my temper?
- Why do kids become picky eaters?
- How much screen time is too much?
- How do I get my kid to read more?

Each kit has multiple blocks which break down a larger topic into bite-sized pieces. You can learn parenting skills through your preferred method (listening or reading) and then build on your skills with activities that reinforce your learning.

We love feedback and suggestions. Please email us: [email protected]

Welcome to the HelloJoey family!

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