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Curso de trading gratis en español

Curso de trading gratis en español

Do you want to learn free trading? Download the app now and learn about the bag!
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Curso de trading gratis en español Description

If you are looking for a stock exchange and trading course, download this app!
In this Spanish trading course you will learn the necessary knowledge to develop as an investor in the stock market. Starting from scratch, you will learn all about trading and stock market to make sound decisions and design smart investment strategies.

This course is aimed at beginners to learn trading from scratch, although it is also very useful for intermediate levels.

Learning to invest in the stock market requires the knowledge you will get in this app, among the topics you will see some such as the following: stocks, options, forex, bitcoin, NYSE and Nasdaq indices, ETF, how to invest non-real money so you can practice without stress, brokers, platforms, etc.

- Never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

- Never stop learning from the world of investments in the stock market!
Do your own research, research more about "how to invest in the stock market".
Read everything you can and never stop learning.

- Don't pretend to be rich tomorrow, that doesn't exist! You should go step by step, investing small amounts ... learning from your mistakes and also from your successes.


⚠️ This is not an investment advice and you must understand that your capital may be at risk, so we recommend that you practice with your FREE account of a broker that you choose and operate without risking your money.
⚠️ General Risk Warning: These types of investments carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. Always use your demo account before trading with real money.
⚠️ RRT DEVELOPERS does not give investment advice, it simply teaches about trading, so we are not responsible if you lose your money testing on the stock market. We do not give investment advice, we are not associated with any broker and this app is a trading course only, it does not have a demo account.

Download the Spanish trading course for FREE and get to know the wonderful world of the stock market, learn with this trading course from scratch !!

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