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Maths and Numbers - Maths games for Kids & Parents

Maths and Numbers - Maths games for Kids & Parents

Numbers and Maths Game for Kids, Toddlers and Children! Fun for the Family!
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Maths and Numbers - Maths games for Kids & Parents Description

A FREE, FUN numbers and maths learning game to help Parents teach children for all ages such as Toddlers and Kids! Also improves your Childs hand-eye co-ordination as they drag the images to their final resting place! Tablet Support!

Over 100 simple and popular equations for parents and their child to learn!! And more coming soon!!

You and your Toddler and/or Kid will spend endless hours of fun DRAGGING the big and colorful numbers into their correct slots. The dragging action will also help build your Childs hand-eye co-ordination! Once all the numbers are in the correct slots then the numbers and/or equation will be spelled out by the in-game voiceover! Your Child will also love the big, colorful images that illustrate the numbers and equations!

Even Adults will love the animations, images and satisfying "click" that happens when a letter is placed in its correct slot!

7" and 8" and 10" Tablet Supported!!!

*** FEATURES ***

★ Kids learn Numbers
★ Kids learn the how to solve popular and simple equations
★ Kids learn how to pronounce numbers and operators like 'equals" and "plus"
★ Kids learn to count numbers
★ Large and Colorful images for your Kid/Toddler to drag around the screen
★ Numbers can be dragged across the screen onto targets, helping to improve your Kid hand-eye co-ordination
★ Cute and Colorful images of each Voiceover!
★ Animation of each word when your Kid correctly completes the screen. They will love the animation!
★ Voiceovers to help your Kid to learn how to say each Letter and Word
★ High Quality Images
★ Kids and Parents love it!
★ Building maths ability has never been soo much fun
★ Professional voiceovers recorded in production studio
★ 7" and 8" and 10" Tablet Supported!!!

Your Child will love the bright colors, unique sound effects, exciting animations and dragging numbers around the screen. Give it a try! You won't regret it!

Building strong Maths ability has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. Complexity of equation is perfect for ages 1 to 6!

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