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Puzzle Games for Kids

Puzzle Games for Kids

Colorful educational kids games and puzzles. Great fun for parents and kids!
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Puzzle Games for Kids Description

A collection of colorful fun and educational Puzzle Games for everyone of all ages including parents, kids, babys and toddlers. Helps to develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills with fun kids games. This is a fun and educational animal puzzle learning game for parents to use to take care of preschool children and toddlers.

Featured in:

- Google Play "Best Games of 2015"

- Google Play "Best Apps of 2015"

You and your children and toddlers will enjoy solving the many puzzle kids games and will be delighted by the bright, colorful and attractive images and the quirky well-placed sound effects. The variety of different puzzle games for kids will also help your children develop different observation and problem solving skills. There is even a great Join the Dot mini game!

Perfect for taking care of and educating children, kids and toddlers aged 3 and up.

Puzzle Game for Kids and Toddlers contains a collection of 11 mini-games, all of which help to develop different aspects of your kid and toddlers brain. This free puzzle game is suitable for toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary school children.

If you like solving puzzles and other brain training games, and you want your children and toddlers to learn these skills too, then this excellent educational puzzle game will provide you and your children with hours of fun and entertainment. The 11 mini-games will improve your childrens cognitive and reasoning skills, as well as their ability to focus and concentrate. So start playing now!

The 11 mini-games include:

★ Jigsaw - Learn to piece together jigsaws to create a whole image

★ Join the Dots - Your child will develop counting skills and hand-eye-cordination by joining dots from 1 through to 9. Dots follow the outline of a fun and cute image, thus entertaining and educating your child at the same time

★ Memorize The Images - Your child will have a few seconds to memorize all the images on screen before being asked to correctly identify those images from a bigger set of images. This helps to develop your childs memory and recollection skills.

★ Count The Images - Your child will have a few seconds to count all of the images before being asked to identify the correct number representing the total number of images they were just shown. This helps your child to develop counting and reading skills, in addition to basic memory skills

★ Judge the Weights - Choose from a variety of different sized images the correct sizes that will balance the scale. Choose the wrong sizes and the scale will be unbalanced!

★ Find My Shadow - You toddler will have to drag and drop images to their corresponding shadows. This helps develop your toddlers fine motor skills in having to drag objects from one location to another. It also helps them to develop their ability to identify shapes with their corresponding images.

★ Find My Color - Your toddler will have to drag and drop images to their corresponding color. This helps to develop your toddlers ability to correctly identify the color of images and link them to other colors around the screen.

★ Find My Category - Your kid will have to drag and drop images to their corresponding category. This helps to develop your kids ability to correctly group images with their category (such as cake to a bakery or a car to a road).

★ Match Three - Your kid will be presented with a pattern of 3 images and will have to correctly find that pattern amongst a larger grid of images. This helps develop your kids ability to find specific patterns in a larger set of images, as well as helping them to learn the motion of dragging their finger around the screen for selection.

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