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Baskets Music Animation for VR

Baskets Music Animation for VR

Baskets provides immersion in geometric nature of music for Daydream.
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Baskets Music Animation for VR Description

The Baskets app places the viewer at the center of terrain being weaved in the patterns of Native American basketry with geometric shapes representing the forces of nature like purple mountains, green trees, white lightening, turquoise water, yellow and orange forest fire and sun rays, all rotating in sync with the music.

Playing Time: 2:08 at 45 quarters per minute.

Soundtrack: Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in G for Flute, Strings & Basso Continuo
Catalogue Numbers: RV 437 | Fanna VI/16 | Pincherle 105 | Tomo 458 | Opus 10/6

The Music Animations for Head Tracking series of apps provide a relaxing form of interactivity where one only needs to look around. Each of the apps provide numerous viewing paths and are designed to run offline so they will give high replay value. These apps provide a view of music that should give one a deeper sense of the structure inherent to baroque music. Many of these animations were created back in the days of wire-frame graphics so they have been tested over the decades against a variety of head-trackers and head-mounted displays. Music catalogue numbers and timing info have been provided here for musicians that may enjoy playing along while immersed-in the geometric animation of the music. Please put your device in Airplane Mode before running this app. This app does not have provisions for use of the controller while running so it is not listed with other Daydream apps.

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