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Flowers Music Animation for VR

Flowers Music Animation for VR

Flowers provides immersion in geometric nature of music for Daydream devices.
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Flowers Music Animation for VR Screenshots

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Flowers Music Animation for VR Description

The Flowers app is a view of flowers represented by Archimedian polyhedra that bloom to the music with colors determined by each semitone. Placement of the leaves on the stems are also based on the semitone of the pizzicato. The other violins are depicted by fractal mountain ranges going by on either side. Patterns on the leaves are also based on the same gasket fractals. The way the stems move are based on the bass line. The movement ends with the viewer surrounded to the horizon in a meadow that blooms to the arco.

Playing Time: 2:48 at 30 quarters per minute

Soundtrack: J. S. Bach's Arioso (Sinfonia from the Cantata)
Catalogue Number: BWV 156

The Music Animations for Head Tracking series of apps provide a relaxing form of interactivity where one only needs to look around. Each of the apps provide numerous viewing paths and are designed to run offline so they will give high replay value. These apps provide a view of music that should give one a deeper sense of the structure inherent to baroque music. Many of these animations were created back in the days of wire-frame graphics so they have been tested over the decades against a variety of head-trackers and head-mounted displays. Music catalogue numbers and timing info have been provided here for musicians that may enjoy playing along while immersed-in the geometric animation of the music. Please put your device in Airplane Mode before running this app. This app does not have provisions for use of the controller while running so it is not listed with other Daydream apps.

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