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Curso de Velas Japonesas - 25 Patrones Ganadores

Curso de Velas Japonesas - 25 Patrones Ganadores

Learn Japanese Candle patterns and solve Trading exercises.
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Curso de Velas Japonesas - 25 Patrones Ganadores Description

Would you like to learn how to perform winning operations with candlestick patterns?

Then welcome to our application "Japanese Candles Course - 25 winning patterns", which we have designed specifically for you.

This is an intensive training course of trading with Japanese Candles aimed at all people who want to grow and master the technical analysis of financial markets. The main objective of the course is to learn how Japanese Candles work, understand their various classifications (Patterns of 1 Candle, 2 Candles and 3 Candles), as well as the correct interpretation that we should make of each one.

At the end you will master 100% Japanese candlestick patterns. This knowledge will give you a lot of clarity when looking at the graphics, which is an indispensable prerequisite if you really want to improve your trading and achieve success.

We will start with the basic Japanese candlestick patterns and gradually we will move towards the most complex lessons. A great advantage of this course is that we will review LIVE examples of real trading, where you will learn how to apply Japanese candles in a simple way to obtain winning results.
To complement, at the end of the course you will have a section of practical exercises with numerous cases with which you can test your ability to identify Japanese candlestick patterns in real graphics.

What you will learn
• Learn from basic to advanced patterns of: 1 Candle, 2 Candles and 3 Japanese Candles.
• Understand the moments when it is highly efficient to apply Japanese Candle Analysis.
• Learn to combine Candle Patterns with the Analysis of Multiple Time Frames.
• Learn the Trend Continuation Patterns.
• Learn the Patterns of Trend Change.
• Use Japanese Candle Patterns to Plan Market Tickets.
• Integrate everything learned through LIVE EXAMPLES from Real Trading.
• Read the graphs using Japanese Candles and Technical Patterns.
• Learn to operate with Technical Patterns of Bullish Candles and Bearish Candles.
• Develop a solid base of candle analysis and technical analysis for Forex, stocks, futures, options, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.

Are there requirements to create a course?
• Computer, Smartphone or Tablet to watch the videos.
• Desire to Master Trading.
• Open Mind to Learn to the Maximum.
• Everyone is welcome.

Who is this course for?
• People who are in the process of learning about financial markets (new traders).
• People who already operate with their own capital but who need to strengthen their conceptual base to improve their results (intermediate traders).
• People who, in addition to theory, want to see examples of real operations to understand how to make good decisions in the markets.
• People who want to know a real path to financial freedom.
• People seeking an additional source of income from their current employment
• This course is not for people who wish to earn quick money; but for those who want to learn the basics of a type of business that, with patience and discipline, can generate a lot of money.

Download the Japanese Candles course for FREE and perform winning operations by trading.


This is not an investment advice and you must understand that your capital may be at risk, so we recommend that you practice with your FREE account of a broker that you choose and operate without risking your money.

General Risk Warning: These types of investments carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. Always use your demo account before trading with real money.

Power Wallpapers does not give investment advice, it simply gives a guide on trading, so we are not responsible if you lose your money.

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