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BBVA México (Bancomer Móvil)

BBVA México (Bancomer Móvil)

by BBVA in Finance
Consult, transfer, pay, recharge ... Security and comfort for your finances
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BBVA México (Bancomer Móvil) Description

BBVA Bancomer is now BBVA Welcome to our new application for Android 5 or higher operating systems!

At BBVA México, all your data and accounts are protected.

With it you can check all your accounts and do your operations whenever and wherever you want. If you are not yet a BBVA customer, do not worry, open your account from your cell phone without cost or commissions.

What can I do with BBVA Mexico?

Did you forget your card? Nothing happens!
Take money from the cashier using only your cell phone or send money to your contacts so that they have it available immediately. Generate a unique code from BBVA Mexico and withdraw using the Cardless withdrawal option at any of our ATMs.

Knowing the account number is a subject of the past. With BBVA Mexico, transfer without account numbers
Now you only need a QR code that you can generate within your application! You can also pay with your cell phone in some establishments by reading from your app the code they provide.

Is it the last day to make your payments? With BBVA Mexico there is nothing unexpected cuts.
Pay your credit to consumption, electricity, gas, telephone, department stores, internet and more without leaving home.

Did you run out of credit again? Do not go to the store!
Buy airtime wherever you are or recharge someone else's cell.

Micro heart attack because you can't find your card? Better turn it off!
From your app you will find the shutdown option to prevent misuse of it and turn it on when you have found it.

And if you detect a charge you don't recognize, you don't need to call!
If the charge is less than $ 500 MN you can make the claim from your app and have the payment online, immediately.

Busy driving? Now run with your voice
Blue, virtual assistant that helps you with your queries and transfers by voice or text

Have you noticed which is the best payroll?
Switch to BBVA from your app and enjoy all the advantages! Your company will continue depositing your salary in the same account and from there it will be automatically transferred to your BBVA account.

Do you need an additional account to yours?
It doesn't matter if you are a BBVA customer or not, you can open an account from your cell phone when you need it and without going to a branch.

If you need a loan, we will give it to you!
Find out if you have an offer available and take it when you need it from your BBVA Mexico app.

And last but not least ...
Check the balance and movements of your BBVA accounts and credit cards without having to go to a cashier or branch.
Make transfers and transfers of money between your accounts, other BBVA accounts and other national banks WITHOUT COMMISSION and with total security that the money will arrive.

Something you should know ...
• Maximum security: the data of your operations are transmitted protected and not saved in the cell phone
• If you lose your cell phone, nobody can enter your service, because only you know the access password and can cancel it by calling BBVA Line
• You can use BBVA Mexico with the same password as other BBVA apps

To activate the service, have your debit or credit card and your Token handy if you have it

You have doubts? BBVA Line (Formerly Bancomer Line)
Metropolitan Area 5226-2663
Interior of the Republic 01-800-2262663

We love listening to you and that you are part of this app. If you want to suggest improvements, write to [email protected]

If you like BBVA Mexico, help other BBVA customers know about it with a 5-star review. Thank you very much!

All without using your data plan!
- As of version 10.60
- Applies only for the use of the app, does not apply for download.
- It is necessary to have an active line belonging to the participating telephone companies.
- Use within the national territory.

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